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BARBER & Hair ​service for people ​on the go

Eliminate the hassle of traveling to a salon and let us ​transform your hair in the comfort of your own space. ​Where you will reside in London's most prestigious hotels or ​luxurious apartments for a selected duration (as per your ​requirements) we will provide our expertise in your home ​away from home, ensuring that your hair receives the ​attention it deserves.

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Download the Booksy App from ​the App store iOS & Android for ​your phone or use the website.

• Then find your service to ​book the time and day.

Press the pay here button ​below you will then be brought ​to our payment screen, follow ​the instructions and proceed to ​pay for your desired service.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* No ​Appointment is confirmed ​until we accept your booking ​after receiving full payment, ​Then we will notify you via ​email, sms or Phone.

Luxury RooM​S

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The Luxury Rooms option : is for those individuals who remain busy still like to enjoy ​the finer things in life.

Packed schedule, wilder mane? Slip into serenity. Privacy, ​precision, you reimagined. Need company? Share your ​sanctuary, discreetly. The finale? Worth the wait.

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Our Luxury Suites Option : Is tailored for individuals who prefer space and opulence ​with plenty of room for any guests or family members to wait

quietly while you service is being performed.

Indulge in solitude, elevated. This haven is crafted for the ​discerning individual who prefers spacious luxury. Whether it's just ​you seeking serenity or sharing the experience with a select few, ​bask in the quiet grandeur of your own private domain.

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The Luxury apartment option : Is suited to accommodate single or multiple individual ​services provided back to back or cater to small groups

Want to make a statement? Well why not? There’s ​barbering or hair services and then there’s lavish

luxury hair experiences, we provide the latter.

Session Suites & Services

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